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Hello! We're Central PA's Newest Traditional Irish Dance School.

Carraig Irish Dance


We are a Traditional Irish Dance school, and offer the opportunity to compete on a regular basic.

Carraig Irish Dance


At the Carraig School of Irish Dance, we are dedicated to ensure all our dancers have a strong foundation in Irish dance. From the first class to the 100th class there is a large emphasis on all dancers knowing and mastering the core essentials of Irish step dance.

Carraig Irish Dance


We strive to preserve the rich tradition of Irish and Ceili dancing while providing a nurturing environment for our dancers to strengthen their talents and also increase their self esteem.

Carraig School of Irish Dance is a Proud Member of Rince Tuatha Nua, Inc.



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Summer Schedule


Studio is closed June 7th-June 12th

5-5:45 - Beginner

5:45 - 7:00 - Advanced Beginner

7:00-8:30 - Advanced Dancers


5:30 - 7 Open Class for all levels

7:00 - 8 Adults

Dance Camp

June 13,14 & 15 9am-4pm



Carraig Irish Dance

Rhythm In The Night

Galleries > News | Saturday, April 5th, 2014

This article is entirely a huge shout-out and “Thank You” to the spectacular Rhythm in the Night Irish Dance Group.

The whole cast made use of our studio to practice for their upcoming show. We were excited for the opportunity to watch the group practice, get some autographs signed, take pictures and just generally bask in the glow of their enviable Irish dance prowess. The chance to meet and talk with established, professional Irish Dance stars really made our week!

Besides checking out their website, to get the gist of what they’re all about, here’s a snippet from the Whitaker Center’s summary:

“Triumphant! A Must See … “

Rhythm in the Night features a cast of the most skilled and accomplished Irish dancers from around the world. Lead by former Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance lead dancer, Justin Boros and fellow professional Irish dancer and musician, Gregg Senk, the majority have toured with some of the world’s best-selling dance and musical acts. Set to a thrilling musical backdrop composed by critically acclaimed brothers Andrew and Jared DePolo, Rhythm in the Night is an epic journey derived from a tale of good versus evil, where deception reigns and temptation rivals the strongest of wills.

Carraig Irish Dance

Carraig Happenings in March

Galleries > News | Saturday, April 5th, 2014

March was a very exciting and busy month for us. Many live performances, competitions, and awesome events kept us busy — and this is without even mentioning Saint Patrick’s Day! Here’s a number of photo highlights.

Carraig Irish Dance

Just A Few (awesome) Photos

Galleries > News | Friday, March 14th, 2014


Carraig Irish Dance

Representin’ in the House of Representatives

News | Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

On March 18th, we performed for the PA House of Representatives. This snippet from the day of the event on our Facebook page sums up our excitement:

“What an awesome experience we had dancing for the House of Representatives today! The Dancers were treated like celebrities and they did great! We are humbly grateful for this opportunity and experience!”


Carraig Irish Dance

Carraig in the News

News | Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

The Patriot News wrote a feature article on our school!

Here’s a quick snippet:

“It’s a place where you can dance and compete if you desire, and there’s no pressure to do that at all, whatsoever,” (Christina Shull) said. “Or you can dance for fun just because it’s part of your heritage, or just because you want the cultural experience, even if it’s not your heritage.”

The feature was written by M. Diane McCormick, and you can see it now on PennLive.

Carraig Irish Dance

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

Galleries > News | Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Here’s a few photos from 2013’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Harrisburg, PA. We were honored to be included in the event!

Carraig Irish Dance

Clog Blog Gallery – #2

Galleries > News | Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Just a few photos taken periodically around the studio and at events.

Carraig Irish Dance

Clog Blog Gallery – #1

Galleries > News | Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Here’s a few of the images we’re using around the site.

The images of the Irish dancers standing on the rock we’re taken at Fort Hunter, Harrisburg.

Carraig Irish Dance

Welcome to “The Clog Blog” (aka the Carraig Irish Step Dance Blog!)

News | Tuesday, October 29th, 2013


Welcome to our blog! Somewhere along the way, someone shortened “weblog” to “blog”, transforming an altogether uninteresting and technical-sounding word into a hip and trendy tech-revolution buzzword.

And today, we take it a step further, at long last bridging the world of Irish Step Dancing to the virtual world where we’re all spending more and more time.

Of course, I’m talking about our newly launched website, and our aptly named “Clog” (Carraig + Blog). So, as of today, our website has different sections that serve several purposes:

  • About Us: Our chance to introduce ourselves to new students, and a way to for current students to get to know us… and actually learn what ‘Carraig’ means!
  • Join: New Students can sign up using our nifty online form. Just a few questions, and that’s it! Couldn’t be easier! You’ll receive a confirmation email immediately. We’ll  get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Schedule: Up-to-date information about class times, event dates, locations. This includes a weekly class breakdown and a list of recent Upcoming Events.
  • The Clog Blog: We’ll be using this to make announcements in case of changes to the schedule, highlighting events we’re hosting, or reflecting on past events with photo galleries! You can comment on the articles and pictures here, or you can share the articles on whatever social media site you prefer (like Facebook, Twitter, etc).
  • Contact: Includes all important contact information, including phone number, email, studio address, social media links,  as well as an embedded Google map.

So, clearly, you should go explore the site, and if you haven’t already, sign up and join in the fun!







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Harrisburg, PA